How to keep your house toxic-free.

Our homes may look clean and tidy on the outside but little do we know, there could be a lot of nasty pollutants and contaminants that are floating around. Many times, these harmful toxins are actually found not just in the air that we breathe but also in the materials that are currently found in

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How to find a good house cleaning company in Surrey BC.

Your home is supposed to be the space that you feel the most comfortable in, You have so many things on your to-do list each day that you need a place where you can just relax and kick back. This isn’t always possible, because it is easy for dust and dirt to accumulate in your

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House Cleaning Company Vs Individual Housekeepers.

Trying to keep up with all the daily household chores can be an impossible task. It does not take long for you to feel overwhelmed and for the cleanliness of your home to suffer as a result. What you need to make things easier are professional cleaning services. Instead of hiring a housekeeper, many homeowners

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Eco-friendly house cleaning.

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning tips

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Tips Making sure that your house is clean is essential for many reasons, ranging from being proud of your home to having a healthy environment for the people in your family. Eco-friendly cleaning is the best way to make sure that you are protecting your loved ones, the environment, and your belongings

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Disinfecting services.

Disinfecting vs Sanitizing.

Recently with COVID- 19 a lot of people worried about how to keep their houses and work areas safe. At Pacific Breeze Cleaning Ltd., we find that not a lot of our customers understand the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.  Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using

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Reasons to Hire a cleaning company in Langley BC.

Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company Are you sick of spending all your weekends cooped up inside your home cleaning the kitchen floors and scrubbing your toilets. You are most likely on a really tight schedule as it is. You are always running from one thing to the net and don’t have a lot of

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