The Lazy Guide to Cleaning Your House.

The Lazy Guide to Cleaning your House There are those days that you feel you are not just up to doing the cleaning.  Sometimes it feels boring doing the same thing over and over again. Granted, cleaning is a humdrum task, you can make it interesting by varying the routine. For those lazy days you

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Every Day Tips To make Home Cleaning Hassle Free

Cleaning around the house can be a drag sometimes. Stubborn stains, bad odors that won’t go away and dirt that builds up faster than you can take it away are all everyday cleaning hassles.  Tips and tricks that take away the drag save you time and help achieve better results that last for longer. Use

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The Benefits of Cleaning without Chemicals

The Benefits of Cleaning without Chemicals   More and more homes around the world are making a conscious effort to perform more “green” duties throughout the year. One of the main ways that you can really take advantage of green living is to get rid of your regular (and harmful) cleaning chemicals and switch to

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How to get rid of common stubborn stains.

  Stubborn stains are unsightly and infuriating with their refusal to come off your otherwise beautiful garments. They can ruin an expensive outfit and force you to throw it away losing good money and the opportunity to look good. Children by their playful nature are predisposed to stains. You will need a bag of tricks

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How to keep your house toxic-free.

Our homes may look clean and tidy on the outside but little do we know, there could be a lot of nasty pollutants and contaminants that are floating around. Many times, these harmful toxins are actually found not just in the air that we breathe but also in the materials that are currently found in

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How to find a good house cleaning company in Surrey BC.

Your home is supposed to be the space that you feel the most comfortable in, You have so many things on your to-do list each day that you need a place where you can just relax and kick back. This isn’t always possible, because it is easy for dust and dirt to accumulate in your

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