Residential house cleaning services

Pacific Breeze Cleaning Ltd. has been providing residential cleaning services for over twenty years! We are proud of our experience, we are reliable and have been working long enough to be able to satisfy the needs of any client! Residential house cleaning services Surrey (Langley, White Rock) is a service provided by our company, guaranteeing the best result and quality of work. Cleaning can be daily, weekly, and also carried out once a month or after a certain period of time. The type of cleaning is chosen by the client. Types of work are agreed upon before the service is rendered.

What is included in residential house cleaning?

residential cleaning services

Residential house cleaning may include:

  • Cleaning surfaces from dust;
  • Washing windows, floors;
  • Cleaning the kitchen area;
  • Cleanliness in the bathrooms;
  • Carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning;
  • Garbage removal and more.

Our cleaning company Surrey also operates in Langley and White Rock. We ensure the participation of professional, experienced cleaners who have full-scale knowledge in the field of cleaning using specialized products that can provide high-quality results, as well as equipment that can cope with cleaning various surfaces.

Over the years of its work, Pacific Breeze Cleaning Ltd. gained extensive experience. We clean rooms of different sizes and areas. Our specialists cope with the performance of work of any degree of complexity. We understand that every home is unique. It is necessary to provide an individual approach in order to achieve the best result and meet the needs of a particular client. Our residential house cleaning service cleaners use only the most modern methods and tools to provide the highest quality cleaning, focusing on the unique features of the residential property they clean.

Pacific Breeze Cleaning Ltd. guarantees the high quality of simple or complex work with the participation of each of our house cleaners. The end result is customer satisfaction. We know that cleanliness and order in the house are important factors for a comfortable stay, and therefore we always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. If you want to contact professionals who can provide quality residential cleaning services, contact Pacific Breeze Cleaning Ltd.! We are ready to help make your home clean and comfortable for life.

What is included in residential house cleaning services?

Residential cleaning includes several stages of work. Each stage of home cleaning services Surrey (Langley, White Rock) is important and necessary to ensure maximum cleanliness and order in a residential area.

residential house cleaning services

  • Vacuum cleaner: Stage 1 – removes dust, debris from carpets, other surfaces when using a vacuum cleaner. We have the opportunity to use a powerful vacuum cleaner equipped with high efficiency filters. As a result, it can be guaranteed that all dust, debris will be removed.
  • Washing windows, mirrors: Next, we wash windows, mirror surfaces. We use professional tools and tools that allow us to provide a high-quality result. Windows become clean, mirrors are perfect in their cleanliness.
  • Kitchen cleaning is also included in residential cleaning services: At this stage, the kitchen area is cleaned, including cleaning the stove, microwave oven, as well as the sink, various surfaces. The facades of kitchen cabinets are wiped, garbage is removed and the floor is washed.
  • Cleaning of bathrooms: We carry out a thorough cleaning of showers, bathrooms, sinks, bathrooms. We use professional detergents that can get rid of even stubborn stains and scale. Surfaces are wiped, floors are washed.
  • Bedroom and living room cleaning is part of residential house cleaning services Langley (Surrey, White Rock): We provide cleaning of the living room, bedrooms. Cleanliness is induced in every corner, dust and debris are eliminated.

The listed works are the main ones in residential cleaning. But each home is unique, so we can provide additional services, including cleaning the dishwasher, washing clothes, cleaning the dressing room and much more. We are always ready to carry out work taking into account the individual needs of the customer, to provide services of the best quality and volume.

Prices for residential cleaning Surrey (Langley, White Rock)

Residential house cleaning Surrey (Langley, White Rock) is priced based on various factors. Different companies use different costing methods. But we, first of all, are based on the availability of services for a wide range of customers. What factors influence the price?

  • Size, area: The price of works depends on the number of rooms to be cleaned.
  • Condition of the residential property: If the house has not been cleaned for a long time or is in a very dirty condition, then cleaning requires more time and additional costs in terms of the use of detergents, tools, equipment.
  • Degree of Contamination: The price of residential house cleaning services Langley (Surrey, White Rock) may increase depending on the degree of contamination of the surfaces.
  • Presence of pets: If pets live in the house, then you will need to remove hair, remove other traces of animals, as well as carry out additional disinfection, cleaning.
  • Additional services such as window cleaning, laundry or dressing room cleaning.
  • Cleaning Frequency: If a residential property needs regular cleaning, then the price can be reduced depending on how often the client wants to use our services.

But it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the houses, so the price may differ in each case. Our company offers an individual assessment of the cost of work after the house has been inspected, as well as after all the details and wishes of the client are clarified.

How many cleaners are involved in residential cleaning?

How many cleaners will clean your house if you decide to use our cleaning company Surrey (Langley, White Rock)? What determines the number of specialists involved in cleaning? The number of cleaners depends on many factors.

cleaning company Surrey

  • Size, area of ​​the house: The more rooms you need to clean, the more cleaners you may need to complete the work in a short time.
  • Condition of the residential property: If the house is very dirty, then more specialists may be needed to carry out a more thorough and effective cleaning.
  • Job Timing: If the customer wishes the job to be completed faster than usual, more cleaners Langley or Surrey, White Rock may be needed to speed up the process.
  • Types of Services: If services are required that require specific skills, such as carpet deep cleaning, additional cleaners may be required.

On average, cleaning an ordinary house, which has two or three bedrooms, requires the participation of 1 to 3 cleaners. However, the number of cleaning service specialists is always estimated individually. How many cleaners will clean your house? Depends on the individual characteristics of a particular residential property and the needs of the client.

The professionalism of our cleaners Langley (Surrey, White Rock)

What are the qualities and skills of our cleaners who carry out professional cleaning? After all, they do a pretty hard job. The result of their work must be what the client wants to see. We hire only those who have considerable experience in residential cleaning services White Rock (Surrey, Langley). In this case, there is a long-term knowledge of how to clean, what techniques, tools, methods and means to use in order to achieve the best result.

We have cleaners who are attentive to details. They are able to notice small details, thus, they are removed as carefully as possible. The cleaners of our home cleaning company are able to adapt to the different needs of customers. They are communicative and able to listen. Their ability to work in a team without conflict is an advantage. In this case, it will be possible to carry out complex work synchronously, quickly and with a high-quality result.

Responsibility is the main quality inherent in our specialists. They are able to complete the work on time according to the requirements of the client. The cleaners of our company are energetic and hardy, which allows them to work for a long time and be focused on their duties throughout the entire cleaning process. By virtue of experience, there is knowledge of technologies, modern cleaning techniques. This ensures high efficiency of work of any complexity.

We guarantee the confidentiality and safety of property

house cleanerPrivacy is an important part of residential house cleaning services. Cleaners who work in the customer’s home have access to the customer’s privacy as well as property, so confidentiality must be maintained. This moment may concern various aspects, including personal data, documents, information about the place of work, and so on. We guarantee confidentiality. Our house cleaners Surrey (Langley, White Rock) are always discreet and do not disclose information to third parties.

It is important that the cleaners are reliable, conscientious, as there may be valuable things and documents in the customer’s house. An unreliable specialist can not only violate confidentiality, but also steal valuables, which will lead to serious damage to the client. Therefore, it is important to choose trusted, reliable people who will ensure the security of confidential information and will not infringe on valuables. We guarantee that if Langley house cleaning are provided or in Surrey, White Rock, only those specialists who can be fully relied upon will participate in the process of performing the work.

Langley, White Rock, Surrey house cleaning – what products are used

Cleaning products used by cleaning companies in Surrey, Langley, White Rock may vary in their characteristics. As a rule, the following cleaning and washing agents are used.

  • Universal, suitable for cleaning surfaces: liquid, gels, powders that allow you to clean glass, mirrors, furniture, various other surfaces.
  • Means designed to remove stains, dirt – having a special purpose, for example, used to clean carpets, textiles, tiles.
  • Means that are used to remove scale, lime deposits – used to eliminate deposits in the bathroom, kitchen.
  • Means, the appointment of which is aimed at disinfection, sanitization – various antiseptics, disinfectants, substances for the destruction of bacteria, viruses.

When choosing cleaning products for residential house cleaning services Surrey (Langley, White Rock), our company takes into account the needs of the client, the type of surfaces, the degree of contamination. It also takes into account the presence of allergies, the degree of sensitivity of people living in the house. We care about our customers and try to use environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Residential cleaning services – tools and equipment

Equipment, tools that are used for professional cleaning, which guarantees the best result, may vary depending on the type of services provided.

home cleaning services Surrey

  • Vacuum cleaners: professional devices with increased suction power, equipped with high efficiency filters, effective for removing dust, allergens.
  • Washing machines: for example, floor scrubbers used to clean stone or tile floors.
  • Microfibre cloths: they can be used both dry and with water.
  • Brushes and mops: used for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, various surfaces.
  • Rubber gloves: Designed to provide protection to hands when in contact with cleaning agents.
  • Means for removing unpleasant odors: various flavors, air fresheners.

It is important to note that professional cleaning companies Surrey (Langley, White Rock) use equipment and tools that meet safety standards and work with cleaning, quality products that do not harm the environment as well as health.

What determines the term of cleaning service Surrey (Langley, White Rock)?

Cleaning times may vary. The following points affect the service delivery time.

  • The size of the room: the larger the area, the more time it takes to restore complete cleanliness in every corner of it.
  • Degree of pollution: if the room has not been cleaned for a long time or there is strong pollution, then cleaning often takes longer.
  • The presence of specific tasks for home cleaning Langley (Surrey, White Rock): cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture, window washing and other additional services will require more time.
  • Number of cleaners: the more people will participate in the cleaning, the less time it will take to carry it out.
  • Level of professionalism, availability of experience: experienced and professional specialists provide services in less time than those who are engaged in such work recently and do not have the knowledge of how to save time and at the same time clean with maximum efficiency.

In general, house cleaners Langley (Surrey, White Rock) cleaning companies estimate turnaround time based on input from the client in terms of the scope of tasks that will need to be completed, as well as a home inspection.

What is discussed before residential cleaning?

house cleaning services LangleyBefore providing residential house cleaning services Langley BC or in Surrey, White Rock, our managers communicate with the client. When communicating, several points are revealed. The cost of cleaning is discussed, as well as ways, methods of payment and possible additional costs that may be included in the price due to the fact that it will be necessary to use special equipment, substances. The scope of work is discussed, what types of work need to be carried out so that the client is satisfied. In addition, the date and time of the cleaning is set. Find out if the client has special requirements. Access to the living quarters and responsibility for the keys that the customer will provide to the cleaning company are discussed.

As a rule, we consult with the customer before starting work. This allows us to discuss all points, to agree on all issues that are important both for the client and for us. This allows both parties to have a complete understanding of what to expect from the services, as well as reduce the occurrence of various misunderstandings.

For our part, we guarantee that residential house cleaning Surrey BC or in Langley, White Rock will be carried out at a high quality level. Our company is responsible for each cleaner and for the result of the work performed by him. You can be sure that by using our services, your home will shine with cleanliness!

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