5 Basic agents for House Cleaning


Most people get it wrong when it comes to home cleaning agents. They either use a one-fits-all agent or make the wrong choice of cleaning agent. Getting to know what works for which situation will save you time and effort involved in cleaning. You will also achieve better results that last for longer without damaging items and surfaces being cleaned.

Soap and detergents

Soap has been made from time immemorial in one form or another. The basic ingredients for simple soap are fats and lye.  There are many kinds of soaps; laundry, toilet, beauty, cleansing and so on. They can also be liquid or solid. The main disadvantage of soaps in cleaning is that they do not work well in cold water and water with minerals. They form scum which hampers cleaning. Detergents are made up of synthetic materials discovered starting the 20th century. They are ideal for use with hard water. If your water is hard (contains a lot of minerals), use detergents that are biodegradable. If you have soft water cleaning with liquid soap is ideal.

Washing soda

This is a good agent for cutting grease and a good alternative to commercial solvents. It is a strong alkaline with a pH of 11 and can burn the skin, so gloves should be worn.  It can remove oils, grease and petroleum wax.  Avoid using washing soda on waxed floors, aluminum and fiber glass.

Baking soda

This is a naturally occurring slightly alkaline cleaning agent with a pH of 8.7 meaning it can safely be used without burning the skin.  It is ideal for use to eliminate perspiration odors and other acid caused odors. It can be used in laundry and even utensils. You can use it on table tops, kitchen counters and fiber glass.

Vinegar and lemon

These two cleaning agents are slightly acidic. They are ideal for renewing surfaces. They are able to clean away gummy build up and clear tarnishing making surfaces brighter. They can also be used to clean wooden surfaces. When cleaning with hard water, they can be added to neutralize alkaline compounds in the water and make it easier to wash with.

Disinfectants and mold killers

Eliminating the presence and growth of bacteria and fungi is essential to keep away diseases from home. You can use natural essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract and clove which are very good in killing bacteria and fungi.  You can add a few drops to liquid soap to make a nice smelling antiseptic washing agent.



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