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Prices for residential house cleaning Surrey or in Langley, as well as White Rock are of interest to all customers who wish to use the relevant services. Each company sets its own price. It may vary. However, when compiling a price list, several important criteria are taken as a basis, which allow determining prices for service customers.

What affects the cost of cleaning? It is clear that the area of the rooms and the whole house directly affect the price of cleaning services. The size of the premises, their number is the first thing that is taken into account when setting the price. In addition, the degree of pollution is taken into account. It will be cheaper to clean a low-polluted house. More money will have to be spent if the cleaners begin to clean a very dirty residential property.

If there are pets (dogs, cats, other animals) in the house, then, as a rule, there is additional pollution. The presence of pets affects the cost of cleaning in the direction of increasing its price. If, in addition, the owner of the house wants to disinfect the premises, then the cost of cleaning will be increased, since the cleaners will have to carry out special work and use additional cleaning products, equipment, and tools.

Does the client want to use additional services that are not included in the main list of works? In this case, the price of the work will increase, as more labor will be required. In addition, the frequency of cleaning activities affects the price. Cleaning can be done once a week or once a month. Also, cleaning can be carried out at a frequency determined by the client. If the customer constantly turns to the same cleaning company, then, as a regular customer, he can get a favorable price for him.



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