How to Clean like a Pro !

Do you wonder why you spend hours and hours cleaning up without the desired results? There is something missing somewhere. Just like any other job, cleaning needs to be done in a planned way, with the right tools and equipment. Cleaning could be even trickier than many other jobs as different surfaces and items require different treatment!

Make a plan

Making a schedule is always a good way of prioritizing tasks. Cleaning up can be scheduled maybe by assigning complexity levels to what needs to be done. Look at what need to be done daily, weekly, monthly and perhaps after every 3 months.  This is a good way of staying orderly and staying alert on what needs to be done at a given time. Tasks such as cleaning the toilet could be daily while carpet vacuuming could be done monthly for example.

Get the right tools and materials

If you are dusting, use the correct cloth to dust well. If you are vacuuming upholstered furniture use an attachment to do it well. If you are killing mildew get a good non-toxic mildew killer. Get the right item for the right job. This not only saves time but gives better results in the end.

Plan your movements

Cleaning involves displacing and rearranging items as you move around. You must have a mental plan of how to move items, clean under and around them, and put them back into place. This will improve your efficiency while making sure you reach all spaces that need cleaning

One room at a time

Until you learn to multi task well, stick to cleaning one room at a time. This will help you avoid distractions and focus your efforts in one place, completing tasks quickly.

Take a break

Doing cleaning marathons gets you fatigued quicker and saps your concentration leading to a shoddy job. Take well-timed breaks during which you can also review what has been done before continuing with the rest.

Work the machines and time

You could find creative use of cleaning machines like using the washing machine to fluff up your pillows. You can also use time to make dirt loose for better removal, for example letting lemon water sit in a stained pot.

Deploy cheat method

This is where you know when to clean the most visible places in the home. For example you could clear clutter and pile it in a hidden basket. The place looks tidy and clean and none is the wiser.

Ask for assistance

Admit it when you can’t handle the tasks and ask for a second pair of hands. Pay if you have to.




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