Simple Tips and Tricks to clean your house.

Cleaning and organizing your home are two essential things to make sure that your house always looks its best and that you have a comfortable place to come to at the end of the day. Learning how to clean and organize your house is incredibly simple, even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. The below tips will be quite useful for the working family or stay-at-home parents with little time on their hands!


Tip 1: Cleaning Floors


You would be surprised at the sheer amount of dirt that hides in your floors, especially if you own a home with mostly carpet. Your feet touch the ground more than any other part of your body and as we walk, we pick up small particles that eventually make their way into our homes. If you’re looking for the best way to make an impression on the cleanliness of your house, make sure that you take the time to clean your floors with a vacuum, steam cleaner, mop, or other items that can be used on your flooring material.


Tip 2: Getting Rid of Dust


Dust is another inevitable factor that comes into our homes no matter how hard we try to get rid of it. Making sure that you keep a duster handy throughout the day is essential for keeping the surfaces in your home clean. You should still consider wiping down bookcases, desks, coffee tables, etc. once a week with a cleaner but to maintain a dust-free environment, dusters are necessary. It can help to make your furniture and décor look brand new.


Tip 3: Organizing Closets


Just like in the movies, home owners have the tendency to forget about their closets as they are seen as the places where most things are stored. Take a weekend to go through all of the closets in the bedrooms and common areas in your home. Get rid of any clothes that you don’t wear, pack away clothes that are for last season, and make your closets more comfortable. Getting rid of congestion can help you to breathe easier in your home.


Tip 4: Organizing the Kitchen


Aside from bedrooms and bathrooms, the kitchen is one of the most used areas in anyone’s home. This means that there is a higher chance for things to be put out of place, for items to pile on top of one another, and for the entire kitchen to look chaotic. Making sure that everything has its place is essential for being able to cook comfortably and entertain guests. There should be a place for dinnerware, your fridge should be organized, and even your dish towel drawer should have neatly folded towels.

Pacific Breeze Cleaning is a residential and commercial service that provides professional cleaning in Langley , Surrey and White Rock areas .



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Pacific Breeze Cleaning is a residential and commercial service that provides professional cleaning in Langley , Surrey and White Rock areas .

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