The Lazy Guide to Cleaning Your House.

The Lazy Guide to Cleaning your House

There are those days that you feel you are not just up to doing the cleaning.  Sometimes it feels boring doing the same thing over and over again. Granted, cleaning is a humdrum task, you can make it interesting by varying the routine. For those lazy days you can deploy some ‘cheats’ to leave the place looking like you just spent hours doing the cleaning.

Clear the clutter

Nothing says untidy like items lying all over the tables, sofa set, and on the floor. A house can look dirty while it is not as clutter is an eyesore. Clearing clutter makes the house look tidy and well kept. Items that are not in their right place also contribute to the cluttering. Remote controls on the sofa, game consoles and laptops on the floor all look out of place. Start by putting each item in its place. Whatever remains can go into a basket.

Wiping surfaces

Wiping removes dust and leaves surfaces looking shiny and fresh. Getting rid of clutter will allow you to do wiping on all surfaces better without leaving dust rings. Wipe surfaces that can withstand water with a wet towel. These include hallway tables, coffee tables, dining tables, and sofa set armrests.

Sweeping and Vacuuming

A quick sweep will clear any debris on the floor. Sweeping can be done very fast using a good broom.  Do a quick Vacuuming of surfaces that experience the most traffic like rugs under the dining table, which will have a very visible effect.

Empty the trash

Full trash cans that have no lids are a big eyesore. Conversely, when they are empty, the viewer will automatically the lack of trash to cleanliness. Empty the trash can whether they are covered or not.

Make the bed

Making the bed instantly changes the bedroom from a tired lived in space to a freshly looking tidy place.  Change beddings that need changing and make the bed after opening windows to let the air in if the weather permits it.

Remove dirty clothes

Any dirty clothes should be removed from sight and put in a laundry basket which should then be put away in a closet.

Fluff all pillows

Fluffing pillows makes them look fresh and add a touch of vitality in the house

Clean the fridge’s exterior

Stick ons on the fridge’s door makes it look untidy. So does placing many objects on the fridge. Clear clutter on the fridge and remove any items stuck on the door.




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