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Eco-Friendly Cleaners.

Having a clean home not only makes a great impression on others, but it also improves the health for you and your loved ones. Having a home that is not filled with dirt, bacteria and germs is good for your overall health. It exposes you to less potential threats to your immune system. However, this …

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Common Home Cleaning Products that maybe harming your pets.

  Home cleaning products come in different forms and made from many different chemicals some of which are harmful to people and animals. Use of these products has short term and long term harmful effects on pets when they come into direct with them. Household cleaners Many household cleaners contain ammonia, chlorine, glycol and formaldehyde. …

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How to Clean like a Pro !

Do you wonder why you spend hours and hours cleaning up without the desired results? There is something missing somewhere. Just like any other job, cleaning needs to be done in a planned way, with the right tools and equipment. Cleaning could be even trickier than many other jobs as different surfaces and items require …

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